MobTech Generator Set Monitoring

Provides a smart and efficient solution for remote monitoring of diesel generators. It allows for real-time parameter monitoring, analysis for selected periods, and remote diagnostics of engine and generator health. It also provides service outage alarms and remote generator management to ensure uninterrupted operation.

One of the key features of the system is fuel monitoring, which helps reduce fuel and maintenance expenses. By tracking the fuel consumption, users can optimize their fuel usage and schedule maintenance accordingly, thus extending the life cycle of the genset.

by tracking the fuel consumption, users can optimize their fuel usage and schedule maintenance accordingly

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The field of application for diesel generator monitoring is vast, including industrial and residential power generators used as main, reserve, or auxiliary energy sources. The system caters to various users, such as owners and operators of generators, servicing companies, and diesel generator manufacturers.

For owners and operators, the system enables remote supervision of operations, diesel generator management, fuel monitoring for accounting purposes, and predictive maintenance. It provides valuable data for optimizing maintenance schedules and ensuring efficient operation.

Servicing companies can benefit from the system by leveraging its diagnostics capabilities. They can monitor engine and alternator health, track operating time, schedule maintenance, and replace consumables just in time. This helps them provide timely and effective services to their clients.

Diesel generator manufacturers can also make use of the system to remotely monitor their operation, engine, and alternator health, and overall diagnostics. By gathering failure statistics, they can make adjustments to genset design and improve their products.

Overall, the diesel generator monitoring system offers a comprehensive solution for remote monitoring, diagnostics, and management of diesel generators. It brings numerous benefits, including cost reduction, optimized maintenance, and extended genset life cycle.